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cya bitches~

Sorry guys, too many people are being stupid and I have to privitize it from now on. feel free to read my old stuff. 


Im craving you.... oh dear starbucks


so i took the first 50 songs that played in my playlist and i added "in my pants" or "in the pants" to to all of them.

1) Clint Eastwood in my pants
2) Great big stuff in my pants
3) Clowns in my pants
4) Everyone has aids in the pants
5) smells like teen spirit in my pants
6) You gotta be sincere in my pants
7) Im so alone in the pants
8) you shook me all night long in my pants
9) fuck her gently in the pants
10)He wasn't in my pants
11)Something beautiful in my pants
12)one of a kind in my pants
13)bring me to life in my pants
14)what is this feeling in my pants
15)I'm popular in the pants
16)can't help lovin dat man of mine in the pants
17)Linger in my pants
18)toucha toucha toucha touch me in my pants
19)shes a maniac in the pants
20)unforgettable in the pants
21)oh what a feeling in my pants
22)sexual healing in my pants
23)Im a gangster in the pants
24)there is no one else but me in my pants.
25)Can't touch this in my pants
26)just beat it in my pants
27)Im not okay in the pants
28)there's a whole lotta rosie in my pants
29)this is the worst day ever in my pants
30)I'll never hurt you in the pants
31)janies got a gun in my pants
32)I think of you in my pants
33)I touch myself in my pants
34)We are the champions in the pants
35)drop da bomb in the pants
36)I was wrong in the pants
37)you and me in my pants
38)kyle's mom is a big fat bitch in the pants
39)Girls in my pants
40)there she goes in my pants
41)keep it gay in the pants
42)this is my new philosophy in the pants
43)I'll make a man out of you in the pants
44)I found you in my pants
45)I hatemyself for losing you in my pants
46)play with me in the pants
47)go the distance in my pants
48)stillnot getting any in the pants
49)Jump in my pants
50)Blisters in my pants

Jun. 19th, 2005

SO.  read the movie list, and put an X by the movies you ahve seen and add one at teh end.  its kind of long, but whatever :)  a cookie goes to whoever reads it ALL!!

Movie list!Collapse )

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

I have to go shopping for dad's day today. So mother and I are headed to London drugs to get him some BINOCULARS for the cruise. boring.........
Yep. anyway after i get home i have ZERO PLANS

MAN THIS IS EMO (laughs ass off)

senses fail, and then my arm hurt, for the last time....

I hate you!

Yep, ive concluded that the people I am mad at I hate. with a fiery passion burning in the depths of my soul. well maybe not entirely hate. I'll still be nice to them but I'll hate them secretly. Because they arebetter then me and they better off without me because its been proven. ive seen it with my own two eyes. I'm not you're friend. sure I was. but Im not anymore. and I'll still stand up for you if teh going gets tough but don't rely on me because if you not willing to make any effort whatsoever then you can forget about me because friendship is double sided. it isnt just me trying otbe nice and it isnt just you TRYING to be nice. its being nice. not trying anything it just happens, what we had is over and admit it. you're glad. you ahve other friends and since you stopped caring about me and amde that bluntly obvious I'm going to stop caring about you, but to make you squirm, you're not going to notice it. Unless I tell you I'm mad at you. because my friends and readers of MY LIVE JOURNAL. these people that i hate and dispise with a exceedingly large handful of hate do not know that I'm talking about them. the only person who knows who I am talking about is trevor. and myself. but you dont, Nyah nyah nyah :P


SO i wokeup this morning and Guess what. I coudlnt feel my throat.

screw you trevor for giving me you're cold.


im pissed because i want the words to "the apology- anne"


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